Scheduling & Cancelations

We’re committed to doing our best to schedule immediate services for new clients as well as responding to last-minute requests for current clients.

24 hours advance notice for cancellation of scheduled services is required. If Client does not provide 24 hours advance notice, Client will be responsible for compensating You Called Concierge Service in full for the reserved block of time.



Personal Shopping

Clients are responsible for all costs and expenses associated with services requested and purchases made by You Called Concierge Service at the clients’ request.

Prior to personal shopping of any kind, your Personal Concierge will make arrangements with you to discuss your shopping list and to receive prepayment for requested purchases.

Should purchases exceed the estimated amount and prepayment, You Called Concierge Service will bill the client for reimbursement. Payment is due 5 business days from purchase.

Service Pause

Did life get crazy and you need an unexpected break?

Not a problem! We’re happy to accommodate you for up to 3 months.  A  new service agreement won’t need to be signed unless you exceed the maximum time frame. We ask that we receive advance notice of 24 hours to hold our services and one week to resume. We cannot guarantee your original schedule for services, but we’ll certainly guarantee the same quality of service or better.


You Called Concierge Service respects our clients’ privacy. All information is confidential. In addition, we will not sell or exchange any client information to third parties.

When we assist our clients with seeking contractors and vendors for services we cannot perform, we will provide only the information necessary to receive the best quote from qualified contractors and vendors. Required information will be communicated to and received directly from our clients.

Additional Information

  • We are a Limited Liability Company
  • We are fully insured
  • We carry current Level One Fingerprint Clearance Cards issued by The State of Arizona Public Safety
  • We do not accept tips
  • Clients are responsible for paying all contractors and vendors that You Called Concierge Service assisted in obtaining.
  • Vendors and contractors  accept full responsibility for the services they provide our clients
  • We do not provide transportation to clients or children at any time
  • It is the client’s responsibility to discuss with their doctor or pharmacist doses, frequency, risks, and side effects associated with their prescriptions. You Called Concierge Service, LLC will only pick up and deliver prescriptions to clients. All questions and concerns  must be directed to the appropriate professional
  • We do not manage and/or dispense prescription and over-the-counter medications to our clients
  • You Called Concierge Service, LLC reserves the right to refuse services that may put staff at risk, is punishable by law, or unethical

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